Headshot Session TOP 5 TIPS + a Headshot Refresh Event!

Hey!  If you happened to catch this morning’s Charlotte Today show, thanks for popping by!  I shared my top 5 Tips for preparing and feeling confident for your next headshot session.

First things first though.  Always consider these 3 things;

1 – Your profession

2 – Your audience

3 – Your brand consistency

For example, if you are fitness professional, a stiff button up shirt and blazer against a black backdrop may not best represent your profession, won’t appeal to your audience and isn’t consistent with your brand.  On the flip side, if you are a business owner/entrepreneur/sales professional, a polished, professional clean look will speak volumes to your audience and will be consistent with your profession and brand.  Got it?!!!  Good!

To hear all of my tips in full detail, feel free to click the link and watch the segment.  If you’re short on time, here’s the run down:

1 – WHAT TO WEAR? Dress with your PAB (profession, audience & brand) in mind! Avoid busy prints… especially ones that will date your image.  Know what colors look best on you.  Dark is always flattering.  Avoid sleeveless shirts with plunging necklines.  Avoid colors that wash you out/blend in with your skin.  Layers can be okay, but avoid clothing that makes you look boxy or bulky

2 – YOUR BACKDROP MATTERS!  Does it really though?  Yes!  Again, consider your PAB!  Many people get caught up in thinking they need the typical studio portrait.  For some professions this is appealing to your audience, for others, it’s just not a fit.  If you’re a designer, consider an indoor session with a well-designed, well-lit room as your background (blurred out softly behind).  If you’re a business professional, a shot with the view of your citiy’s skyline, faintly blurred out in the background might be appropriate and consistent with your brand.  Research what other succesful professionals in your profession are doing and take note!

3 – KNOW YOUR BEST SIDE/ANGLE… a.k.a. practice in the mirror!  But isn’t that a bit vain?! Nope.  It’s called preparation.  Figure out if you have a side of your face you like more. Is there an angle that best shows your features/assets.  Don’t rely on your photographer to do all of that for you.  (A good one will!!) But better to be prepared! REMEMBER, if you face straight forward with no body shift or angling you will look wide.  Angle/turn your shoulders and shift your weight back to give a more lean illusion.

4 – SHOOTING ON YOUR OWN? This can be done! If you find yourself low on time and/or funds to hire a professional… you can shoot it yourself.  My top tip is make sure you have good… no GREAT lighting!  For natural light indoors, face a large window or open door.  If shooting outdoors, shoot at the golden hour (1 hour before sunset) OR look for open shade.  Avoid backlighting and yellowish, indoor lamp light!

5 – GOOD HAIR & MAKE-UP IS A MUST.  Use a great primer to soak up oil and sweat (under all that light). TOP TIP: Use a foundation without SPF ( I LOVE Giorgio Armani “Luminous Silk”.)  SPF is made to reflect light.  If the flash fires and you have SPF make-up on, your face will photograph white! Fill in your brows to adequately frame your face. Find a lipstick that will stay put, won’t smear, transfer to your teeth, and/or come off as your press and re-press your lips together while smiling. (My favorite: LipSense, this stuff is truly amazing). With your hair, keep it simple, neat and fabulous (this might be the perfect opportunity to get that blowout you’ve always wanted!)

Now you’re ready!! I’m sending you out in the world totally prepared to rock your next headshot session.  BTW – if you’re in the market for a headshot refresh, you’re in luck!  Pop by Saturday,  March 18th for some lipstick and a quick headshot session! It will be painless and awesome… I promise! Plus, there will be lipstick. Win win!  Details and sign-up link below!!  XOXO