When things don’t go perfectly a.k.a. toddler photo sessions

Keepin’ it real with this post! ¬†This was my little Elle at her photo shoot a few weeks back… In all her grumpy glory! Her way of saying: Welcome to the 2s Mom ūüėú¬† No smiles, all pout… she even stuck her tongue out at me (what?!! ¬†She’s never done that before!!) She also¬†tried to hop the fence and run away. ¬†That’s how much she hates pics! ¬†Yep, there I said it. ¬†My kiddo hates pic (much like grown men, haha).

Even though I would have a hard time handing these over to a client, FOR ME, the images¬†are imperfectly perfect and PRICELESS. ¬†In fact, it’s a perfect representation of her stage right now. ¬†So Moms out there… if you’re sweetie pie, isn’t so sweet during there session…¬†It’s okay! ¬†These shots make me smile so big… there’s always time for a reshoot another day!