Jessica & Lee’s Engagement Session Sneak Peek {Charlotte Area Engagement Session Photography}

What could be better than one perfectly gorgeous, photogenic bride…??  TWIN perfectly gorgeous, photogenic brides (though not at the same time, haha).  I first met the lovely Jessica at her twin sister Jennifer’s epic bridal session last year {remember this}.   Shortly after Jen & Adam’s incredible wedding in fall {remember this} I got the call… Jessica & Lee had gotten engaged!!  I swear I won the photographer’s lottery once again with the chance to capture another amazing couple:)

Fast forward to our engagement session last weekend!!  I had such a great time {I promise Jessica!!} pulling together the concept, look, outfits, location etc… for this gorgeous session.  I love that Jessica had specific ideas and that we were able to make them come to life in our own way to fit their personalities perfectly.  And then there was that empty cafe.  I mean, could it have worked out any better??!!!  Jess and Lee, you guys are a photographer’s dream!  Enjoy a peek at ALL MY FAVES.  Can NOT wait for the big day in the fall.  XOXO


Charlotte Today Show Segement – How to Shoot Like a Pro

This week I stopped by the Charlotte Today Show (after a few months off!!) to share 5 of my favorite tips on how to shoot people more like a pro!  I got to bring miss ELLE to the studio with me and as always had a great time with the beautiful hosts, Colleen and Ramona!

If you missed the segment you can view it here


1 Month + My Entry Console Makeover

Hard to believe it’s been a whole month with our sweet baby Elleanor!  It sort of seems like a blur, but I promise I have been thoroughly enjoying EVERY MINUTE of this special time.  This weekend I am back to shooting, so before things get too crazy, below I’m (finally) sharing deets on my entry console makeover!

I don’t neccesarily recommend buying a house and moving one month before having a baby BUT I will say the one upside is having crazy nesting instincts to get everything unpacked and settled and ready!  Combine that with my crazy love for DIY projects and we had the perfect storm, haha!  Right before I had Elleanor, I decided to get to work on this beast (plus the two mirrors!!!) that I picked up on Craigslist in January.  This was my inspiration from pinterest via the Dimples & Tangles blog, though it was hard for Blake to see it’s potential at first. (Original feature post here)

After sanding, priming, painting three coats, finding the perfect (ikea) pulls, spraying them gold, adding feet, closing and redrilling the drawer holes… it was ready.  My dad was literally helping me finish a few days after I got home from the hospital.

So happy to have it done!!  It’s a big, open entry way so we needed something substantial to fill the space!!  It was actually really fun to do BUT I think I’m done painting for a while!  Time to sit and rock my baby:)

One more bonus lil’ DIY project from a few weeks ago.  I am starting an herb garden in our sunroom/breakfast room and thought it would be fun to give the planter pots a little pizzaz!  This was an easy three step project.  The taped line wasn’t super sharp but I’m okay with that.  Loving the look of gold dipped anything… who’s with me!!!


Two short weeks ago, my water broke at 8:30 in the morning.  It was April 1st and this sweet little girl was ready to make her entrance! After a fairly calm labor and beautifully emotional delivery, we welcomed Miss Elleanor Lindsay into our family. And just like that we became 6.

Elle is absolute perfection.  I am literally savoring every moment with her and despite my rough recovery, I have never been HAPPIER!!!  The whole family is over moon.  The boys and Harper love her so much and I love to see them hold her and get to know her.  Sometimes it’s hard to believe little hearts and even big hearts can hold this much love.

As for the images… since this is my last baby, I decided I really wanted great birth pictures.  I hired a fellow photographer and when it came down to the date and time, it just didn’t end up working out (as it often goes with photographing live births!!).  Plan B.  I asked Blake to do his best to capture everything he could, while still holding my hand and supporing me through labor and delivery.  HE DID AMAZING.  Here are a few of my favorites.  THANK YOU SO MUCH BLAKE.  All my love:)

Waiting on the BABE = PROJECTS TACKLED!!

Just a few more weeks until my official due date!!!  Until then, I’m attempting to cross ONE (or TWO) things off my to-do/unpack/project list each day!!  This week I found some fun fabrics, trinkets and treasures to help me pull together a few spaces in our home.  NO MAJOR decorating yet… just little things here n’ there!

Ohhhhh and YES, I love orchids – they will probably be in every room of my house!!