Two short weeks ago, my water broke at 8:30 in the morning.  It was April 1st and this sweet little girl was ready to make her entrance! After a fairly calm labor and beautifully emotional delivery, we welcomed Miss Elleanor Lindsay into our family. And just like that we became 6.

Elle is absolute perfection.  I am literally savoring every moment with her and despite my rough recovery, I have never been HAPPIER!!!  The whole family is over moon.  The boys and Harper love her so much and I love to see them hold her and get to know her.  Sometimes it’s hard to believe little hearts and even big hearts can hold this much love.

As for the images… since this is my last baby, I decided I really wanted great birth pictures.  I hired a fellow photographer and when it came down to the date and time, it just didn’t end up working out (as it often goes with photographing live births!!).  Plan B.  I asked Blake to do his best to capture everything he could, while still holding my hand and supporing me through labor and delivery.  HE DID AMAZING.  Here are a few of my favorites.  THANK YOU SO MUCH BLAKE.  All my love:)

Waiting on the BABE = PROJECTS TACKLED!!

Just a few more weeks until my official due date!!!  Until then, I’m attempting to cross ONE (or TWO) things off my to-do/unpack/project list each day!!  This week I found some fun fabrics, trinkets and treasures to help me pull together a few spaces in our home.  NO MAJOR decorating yet… just little things here n’ there!

Ohhhhh and YES, I love orchids – they will probably be in every room of my house!!


A Favorite Spring Session – You Won’t Believe These Trees!! {Charlotte Area Family Photography}

I don’t know about you, but Today’s weather (in Charlotte) was EXACTLY what the doctor order!!

Somewhere between last month’s epic snow storm and this week’s freezing rain, I got over winter for the 3rd time this season.  DONE.  DONE. DONE.  So today, in honor of Spring sliping out behind her beautiful blossoms, I’m posting one of my favorite spring sessions from last year! Brandi asked me to wait until after the Holidays to blog the images so she could use them for her Christmas cards.

And do you want to know the crazy thing: we shot these last year in the neighborhood we just moved in to!  I’ve always sort of died over these trees and actually shot here many times… now we live right here!  YAY!  Makes me happy every time I turn the corner to drive home. These white-blossomed trees are magical in all their glory and they’re about to PEAK!!  So tempted to sneak in one more session before the babe… who’s in?!!

Copes, you guys are pretty magical to work with yourselves!!  So excited I can finally share a few of my favorite images.  Enjoy XOXO

March and My Very Own Maternity Session {Charlotte Area Maternity Photography}


Last week, somewhere in between packing, closing on our home, unpacking and hitting 36 weeks, I wound up in the ER (little scare… thankfully, all is okay)!!

AND then March blazed in like nobody’s business!  This is BABY MONTH… and this is my last baby, so I really wanted my own beautiful little collection of maternity memories.  I had original planned for a very talented photographer to take them, but we kept pushing back due to snow and crazy weather and then whole ER situation hit.  Not knowing when this baby is going to make her entrance, I decided just to let my hubby shoot a few in our new, beautiful backyard on Sunday.  It was a gorgeous day.  I coached Blake through the settings and he did the rest!!!  I couldn’t be happier knowing I have this precious time in our life documented.  Now we are officially ready!!





Something really crazy happened this week in Charlotte…  It SNOWED.  BIG TIME!!  The most we’ve ever seen in our 9 years of living here!!

School was out for almost 4 days and were officially snowed in.  We  COOKED AND ATE AND COOKED AND ATE SOME MORE.  The kids played outside for hours and hours each day and loved it!  That was our week in a nutshell and it was actually really fun:)

In true NC fashion we had a gorgeous weekend leading up to storm to end all storms.  I taught a great Mom-ography 101 class to a fabulous group of ladies (why do I never get a group shot).

{edited with Paint the Moon GRACE collection actions}  Speaking of Paint The Moon, Annie wrote a fabulous post on the importance of getting your images professionally printed HERE

These are a few of my snow faves from the week.  I could hardly catch a shot of the boys… they managed to sled for hours on end each day!!  Blake and Harper walked to Harris Teeter three times on Thursday… kind of fun to have a grocery store in your backyard when you’re snowed in and cooking up a storm.  Also, do you love Harper’s hand me down jacket from Gavin?!  Classic:)

We did loose a few working days during the storm, which pushed our home closing back a bit, but I’m 99% sure it WILL HAPPEN at some point this week and we couldn’t be more excited.  I managed to take  an interior design webinar last week and came up with this living room mood board as my homework.  Love love the pantone color of the year.  Hoping to use it a bit:) Actually just hoping to get unpacked first!

Lastly can I give a shout out to this stuff right here.  Kind of worked miracles on my winter hair this week!!  Here’s to another great week… I hear sunshine and 70′s are headed our way!  I’ll take it!